The Brussels terrorist attack has surely caught everyones attention over the past couple of days.  ISIS has taken responsibility for this attack, which has stirred a great sense of anger among many nations.  Obama has come out and made a statement regarding this attack.  In this statement he mentioned that everyone must come together to be able to fight this war on terror, and specifically to remove the threat of ISIS.  Obama also went to a baseball game together where they both discussed the problem our world is faced with in terrorism at this time.  I agree that this is a great threat and there must be something done, I also recognize that this is a very complex problem, however we have been saying the same things, doing the same things and ISIS is not only continuing to spread terrorism, but also growing as well.  This is not something that the US can fight on its own and if other nations are not wiling to step up and fight the cause I believe we should fully pull out.  Who knows what fully pulling out would do, but what we do know is that we can’t do this on our own.  The amount of money and effort we would save by pulling out would be able to translate to solving some of the many problems our own country is faced with.