According to New York Times, Bernie Sanders “found a welcome tableau in the largely white and liberal electorates of the Pacific Northwest, where just days after resoundingly beating Mrs. Clinton in Idaho he repeated the feat in the Washington caucuses, winning 73 percent of the vote. He did even better in Alaska, winning 82 percent of the vote, and in Hawaii, he had 71 percent with a few precincts still be counted.” I really like that competition among democrats continues. Even though, Sanders is not a clear favorite in this race, he still keep challenging Hilary Clinton.

We can suggest that Sanders expected to win in this states. Most of his votes, he got from white and liberal Americans. I know a lot of people at BYU who supports Bernie Sanders, on the other hand there are many people who does not like his socialist ideas and beliefs. I would like to see more competition between Sanders and Clinton. I think Bernie Sanders should concentrate more on his ideas and avoid direct arguments with Hilary Clinton.  In my opinion this elections will attract more people than in a past. New York Times claimed that “Lately on the campaign trail, Mrs. Clinton, bracing for some losses in the caucus states, seemed to have grown annoyed by the commentary from political rivals that Mr. Sanders’s campaign has drawn far more enthusiastic supporters.” I agree with this claim, in my perspective Sanders shows more passion and desire than Clinton. Do you think that Bernie Sanders have a good chance to defeat Clinton?



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