Concern surrounding ISIS’ desire for nuclear capabilities has returned following this week’s terrorist attacks in Belgium. Belgium is thought to be a potential target for ISIS to gain access to nuclear technology. Many of Belgium’s nuclear facilities are over thirty years old and past experience has shown that security at these plants has not been tight. For example, in 2014 there was an incident where “65,000 liters of lubricating oil spilled down an emergency evacuation pipe” this incident closed the plant for several months and the evidence suggests it was a deliberate act. Just a month ago, a ten hour long tape depicting the home of a man who works in the nuclear industry, was found in the raid of a house believed to be involved in the Parisian attacks. After being evacuated following the bombings, security forces are now returning to their posts with stricter security measures being taken. With the current state of affairs it is important that we prevent ISIS from getting their hands on nuclear material. Belgium will surely shore up their security to prevent any further damages but it is also critical for other countries to do the same. Especially countries with a large number of reactors due to their heavy reliance on nuclear power.

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