Just Monday afternoon, a man aged about 66 was on Capitol grounds, by the screening areas of the vistor’s center when he pulled a “thought to be” weapon on a police officer. Later, police confirmed that it appeared to be a pellet gun. Police took the safe and smart approach to the situation by shooting the man, since it was unknown in the moment if it was a real gun. With all the different issues going on in the world today, there can’t be enough precautions, especially in big tourist locations.

Reports say that the man has had a history of criminal behavior and that this event was not a form of terrorism by any means, solely a criminal act. Either way, a man was shot even though he did not have an actual weapon. This is a standard procedure of any law enforcement official when a “lookalike” weapon is used, but as most of us have seen, the world turns to anger when defenseless people are shot. Frankly, I don’t disagree with the decision that the officers took at the Capitol Monday afternoon, but what direction is the U.S. heading in now? With so many terrorist threats and attacks almost weekly recently, are these security measures going to step up even more? Will we hear about more events such as this shooting to take proper safety precautions? It is hard to know what is the right thing to do when there are more threats to civilian lives than ever before.

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