So often in the midst of turmoil, the priceless moments of humanity get lost in the harsh realities of the world we face. However, this depressing fact is not dissuading a small group of Afghani high school students from doing all they can to promote kindness in a drastically unkind place. Inspired by similar installations in neighboring countries, these teenagers donated their time and resources to create a Wall of Kindness. A Wall of Kindness is a colorful wall with inspirational messages and nails allowing people who have excess of what they need to show kindness and enrich the lives of others by hanging what they don’t need out for those who are less fortunate.

Despite its just cause, this project has met a variety of obstacles such as bullying, theft and harassment; yet with every new problem, these students have strengthened their resolve and redoubled their efforts. Prominently written on the wall in blue is the popular Rumi phrase stating, “Humanity is my dream.” With this as their mission statement, these students are trying to impact people’s lives and restore humanity to this distraught countries one small act of kindness at a time. Their determination to change the social norm within their area is truly a testament to how bright and courageous these students are. They are tired of the demeanor and reality of their area and aren’t afraid to tackle an issue bigger then themselves to fix it.