I’ve written about this before, and I’m frustrated that it is still in the news. Utah’s own Senator Hatch wrote this op-ed piece to show his loyalty to the party stance of not holding confirmation hearings for new Supreme Court Justice nominee Merrick Garland. When asked in 2010 whether Judge Garland would win Senate confirmation to the Supreme Court with bipartisan support, Senator Hatch responded, “No question.” The Senator further elaborated, “I have no doubts that Garland would get a lot of votes. And I will do my best to help him get them.”

Oh how the times have changed.

Frankly it is embarrassing that the Senate is refusing to perform its constitutional duty. Senator Hatch claims that we should let the voters have a say in the decision of the new Supreme Court Justice by waiting until after the election in November. But he forgets that the voters did have a say, in 2012, who they wanted nominating judges and they (as much as Utah Republicans cringe at the thought) chose President Obama. The President has performed his duty by nominating Judge Garland to the court (who frankly should look pretty good to Republicans, a centrist judge with no radical-liberal tendencies, what’s not to like?) and it is time for the Senators to perform theirs.

And even if we ignore the recent flare of publicity around the Supreme Court nomination we find that this Senate has been unforgivably lax in their confirmation duties. Mexico, one of our largest trading partners and worthy of very close attention, has had no US Ambassador for a number of months despite Roberta Jacobson, a veteran State Department official who runs the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, being nominated in June! Let’s take a step down from the soap box senators, and take care of some simple, but critically important business.