Recently the US government cracked an iPhone.  There has been a large amount of fuss over this action.  Many have claimed that Apple is in a major conflict.  I feel as though people are neglecting to acknowledge the significance of what resulted in the hacking.  The US government was able to crack a case involving a mass shooting as a result of the hacking.  Rather than focusing on Apple and the fact that there products have not proven to be uncrackable, we should be rejoicing in the fact that the individuals who created this hernias crime have been caught and justice has been served.  I recognize Apple’s stance and the fact that they are a thriving company, and in order to remain thriving must satisfy their customers, which involves providing their safety.  The part that I fail to recognize is the desire for privacy if you aren’t breaking the law or trying to hide something.  If the US government has been able to device a way to further law enforcement I feel as though we should rejoice and even feel like our safety is being increase.