Recently there were suicide bombings in Pakistan killing many and wounding even more. They are very like unto the destruction caused in the recent Brussels attack. Many who follow the news are well aware of this new attack and the newspaper does a good job of covering it. However I still feel that it doesn’t get the weight that it needs by others. When the attacks on Brussels happened, all my friends knew what happened even those who never pay attention to current world happenings. But after the Pakistan attacks, I made a point of asking my friends who clearly knew about the Brussels attack to see if they knew what had happened in Pakistan. Not a single one of them knew about it. Obviously that’s not a good statistical group to prove anything and I am in no way discounting what happened in Brussels, however I am saddened and confused as to why Pakistan hasn’t received the same response. Even on Facebook, where Belgium flags were used to cover profile pictures, I never saw one Pakistan flag. My honest question is what makes this different? The news clearly covers what happens, many who follow world happenings know, but why do the others not know?