Donald Trump mentioned that it makes sense to attack and take out the families of terrorists in order to stop them from attacking. It was not taken very well. Russian security services have been enacting this kind of plan for a while now. If the family member gives information he is released. If they do not, they are considered accomplices. In some ways I can agree with this type of plan. It is hard to believe that direct family members do not know what their sibling, son, daughter, or parent is up to. It is rare that someone that possibly lives with you and someone that you see during holidays can be so good at hiding a second life behind your back. So in a way it is smart to go to those direct family members and get information from them. However, the torture and killing without direct evidence, well let’s just say we can leave that to Russia. That kind of action does not follow our constitution or our moral values in this country. We need to have reason to question and we need to question properly to get the information we need. That doesn’t mean we don’t have to be a little harsh but at the same time we definitely need evidence to show that we have reason for such treatment. There is always an extreme to both sides of the argument. We need to find the middle ground and take our actions following that path.