The “Baba Cool Movement” sounds more like dance move than an Indian revolution, but this is a story of real success. Baba Ramdev has been creating this movement and product line for more than twenty years and it is starting to really grow. As an avid yogi, this is exciting. He is creating products that are more than just another marketing scam. He is politically involved and seems to have his heart with the people. With a new craze of “all-natural” and “organic,” it’s refreshing to see someone who is more than just the money. While he is not perfect and by no means the only one, he’s someone to watch out for. My hope is that he will bring the yoga movement to the masses.

Ramdev says  “It’s about a good connect. It’s about becoming the umbilical cord connecting the past to the present.” One can only hope.

To read about his story: click here.