Yemen’s continued conflict is currently causing a massive humanitarian conflict according to the United Nations. While this conflict has had massive casualties on both sides, arguably the biggest victims of this conflict has been children. Here are some statistics to consider:

  • According to verified cases, six or more children have been marred or killed in this conflict every day. This number is likely higher because not all incidents have been reported.
  • The World Health Organization stated that there have been at least 934 confirmed deaths and 1356 reported injuries related to children in this conflict.
  • 61% of these deaths have come by airstrikes in the region
  • 51 schools have been attacked in the past year
  • It is estimated that 10000 children under the age of 5 have died in the past year to illnesses related to a lack of clean water and health care services.
  • 600 health centers have closed across the region with 63 centers closing due to attacks.

Hostilities are scheduled to break this coming week in the hopes that the Houthi rebels and the Saudi government can come to peaceful agreements. If peace is finally agreed to, the millions of people in this region can finally get access to the humanitarian aid they so desperately need. If this conflict is not resolved, health organizations need to find a way to reach this area despite the tension and provide care to these suffering people regardless of their lack of working infrastructure.