It seems that the Zika virus has begun to infest the United States. In case you forgot the Zika virus is a virus transferred by mosquitoes that is linked to microcephaly, unusually small heads, in children. Since the initial outbreak of the Zika virus there have been a reported 74 cases in the United States, 32 of which were found in Florida. The high concentration of cases found in lower socioeconomic areas has caused many health officials to worry. One surprising fact is that Miami-Dade County has spent only $1.8 million on mosquito control while Lee County, a much smaller city, has spent upwards of $16 million. This drastic difference in expenditures is especially worrisome considering the damage that the Zika virus can inflict. Health officials are encouraging all people to avoid having large areas of stagnant water around your home in order to protect yourself, and your family, from the virus.