99% of car manufacturers have pledge to make automatic brakes a standard on cars by 2022, making the road a safer place for individuals and families. This automatic braking feature uses vehicle sensors including cameras, radars, and lasers to detect crashes. All on its own, the car will engage the brakes to prevent crashes from occurring. The safety tool has been showing up more and more in new cars, but with a hefty price tag. One motive of the automotive industry is that this safety feature is available on all cars, from luxury models all the way to economic cars such as a Honda Civic, selling for only $20000.

It seems that every week I hear about terrible crashes on the news or I drive by one in person on the interstate. Accidents are caused by human error, whether it is by carelessness or by pure accident. Either way, car engineers are designing and coming up with more and more safety features that are there to help cut back on number of accidents caused per year. Although the article doesn’t mention any statistics on how much an automatic braking system will cut back on crashes, I assume that if 99% of cars have the system in use, there will be many more avoidable crashes, thus saving the lives of so many people. The automotive industry is progressing and advancing at a fast pace in safety precautions.

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