Yesterday, April 4th was the colligate national championship game for basketball.  This year of March Madness was very fitting for the name, with the most madness occurring in the championship game.  Both teams came out on their A game, and both putting forth great effort.  The game went back and forth all the way to the buzzer going off.  What appeared to be a miraculous come back by North Carolina, topped off a circus shot to tie the game.  This was all fantastic until Villanova topped NC once again with a 4.8 second drive for the game winning three point shot at the buzzer.  College basketball was filled with intensive effort and quality games, which is rare to see in professional basketball in todays game.  The final score of the colligate national championship ended in both teams scoring in the 70’s, which is often scored in the first half alone of an NBA game.  Granted the players are more skilled and can score more, however shouldn’t the defensive be better in a professional league as well?  The NBA is becoming less and less entertaining as there are games more often, however they are games with less effort and intensity.  It was refreshing to see a hard fought basketball game, and hopefully something will happen to lead the NBA to providing more intensive games.