Currently, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is leading the delegate count to become the Democratic nominee. Clinton has both many ardent supporters and many determined detractors. Many of her detractors do not trust her because of her recent email scandal as Secretary of State. In this article, Bret Stephens raises an even greater concern. “What ought to frighten Americans is the way the Clinton’s mix, money, and power in the black box of their eponymous foundation to award themselves more of each.”

Around the globe, many world leaders have been involved in large scandals. These scandals have led to a disconnect between the people and the government. In recent days, the Panama Papers has brought to light tax evasion and fraud for President Xi Jinping of China and President Vladamir Putin of Russia among others. Here in the United States, the security team for the president of Turkey has come under fire for beating up protesters.  In Brazil, many corruption investigations have uncovered scandals around President Dilma Rouseff. These investigations have led to a lack of trust in the Brazilian government and economy. Corruption causes economic crashes. Clinton’s past experience has shown her fondness for corruption. Do we really want to ‘Brazilianize’ American politics and the American economy?