Baseball. America’s favorite pastime for almost as long as anyone can remember. It used to be looked to as one of the pioneers when it come to race and progression, but there’s been a big time change in the game. Last year, only 8% of professional baseball players were Black, and many people have wondered what’s happening in the sport. Is baseball too white? As a sport it is still making plenty of money and has a lot of dedicated fans, but the World Series has become less and less popular over the last few years. Many accuse the MLB of white-washing, and it’s starting to raise some eyebrows. 

There is, however, one interesting aspect to this story. There’s been a huge increase in the number of Latino players. In fact, starting next year, teams will be required to have a Spanish translator. 

So what’s up with baseball? Can it still be considered progressive, or are other factors at play? 

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