In South Africa, President Jacob Zuma has been under intense scrutiny for quite a while now. He has faced massive backlash for his use of millions of state dollars for improvements on his private home. If you have the time, go ahead and search the web for Nkandla, which is the name of his residence.
Last Thursday, the constitutional court ruled that Mr. Zuma acted against the constitution by ignoring a national watchdog agency which told him to reimburse the sate for the non-security improvements.
The President and the ruling party defended their actions saying that Mr. Zuma acted in good faith, but was led astray by bad legal advice. They stuck to this theory in the impeachment court on Tuesday. The article says, “The impeachment motion required a two-thirds majority vote to pass, but the ruling party has a comfortable majority in the Assembly”. Obviously the vote failed, and President Jacob Zuma will not be impeached for his misuse of millions of dollars for personal gain.