With the recent win of Ted Cruz in Wisconsin, the republican party is again left to play a guessing game of who will be the nominee. For the first time since Iowa, Cruz won by a large margin, with Trump’s popularity at an all time low. Indeed, some exit polls said that if Trump was the candidate they would support Hillary Clinton, a third party, or none at all. Interestingly enough, even with last nights win, Cruz doesn’t have a safe bet for the nomination, thanks to John Kasich, who has enough support to take away key candidates.

How is this race going to swing? Trump is deeply controversial. Yet Cruz, his top contender, is notoriously unpopular in his own political arena, the senate, and was once considered incredibly divisive himself. If the nomination is decided at a party convention, who will the nominee be? If it comes to that, I wonder if the republic delegates will choose neither Cruz nor Trump, but try to draft someone more uniting. One things for sure: it’s going to be an interesting ride.