This story is beginning to sound slightly familiar, women and men from their late sixties to early forties are beginning to come forward with stories of being sexually abused by clergy members in their childhood. In her preteens Maureen Powers was sexually abused for two years by her priest who told her it was for the purpose of “research”. Her case is not an anomaly. Many priest raped and sexually abused children for years while their superiors, and even at times the police have assisted in covering their actions. Later in life many of the victims have committed suicide. These chidden and adults had no one to turn to. It goes with out saying how horrifying the story is.

But now some kind of justice is being served, Mark Rozzi who was sexually abused himself as a boy, is fighting to change laws in the state of Pennsylvania so living perpetrators will be held accountable for their actions. Churches are taking down any form of banners and pictures honoring the accused bishops. Though these actions are bringing some relief, its sad to realize these victims will never find true healing. I think we need to work harder as a nation to prevent and expose sexual abuse, especially in institutions like universities, any kind of school and churches. These institutions are supposed to be safe places for adults and children and I think everybody should be in charge of keeping it this way.