Trump believes he was absolutely right about his Twitter post in 2013 “What did these geniuses expect when they put men & women together?” His post was in response to the underlying issue of sexual assault in the military. New data has revealed the extent of the problem to the Pentagon.


Trump’s act shows his ignorance of the military justice system created by the Pentagon to deal with such issues. In addition, Trump refuses to recognize the role of women in the military now and throughout history. In early times, women in the military had nursing and cooking roles. Over the years, women have grown to hold better roles such as fighter pilots, soldiers, sailors and Marines who currently fight ISIS in the Middle East. Senator Lindsey Graham said “We couldn’t run a military without women.” Trump clearly sticks to victim blaming, but the problem is not only faced by women. In 2014, 20,300 servicemen and servicewomen were assaulted according to the estimation of the Pentagon.

Finally, Trump was asked if his post was meant to suggest women should not serve his solution was “not to kick them out.”