Ronny Douek, a social activist and philanthropist stated that “Only by confronting terrorism, […] can society address it”. He is saying this in response to a new art exhibit that was recently displayed in Tel Aviv, Israel. The exhibit commemorates a terror attack that took place in a local bar and restaurant last New Year’s Day. The attack occurred when Mr.Melhem, an Arab Israeli, opened fire in a pub and restaurant one afternoon.

A terrorist attack in Israel is hardly news. The country is constantly battling terror attacks due to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. What makes this attack different from others is the response that the Israelis have had to it. They have decided to use the attack to make a public statement in attempts to help civilians cope with and remember the tragic terror attacks that have occurred.

This reaction to terrorism is something that is fairly common in the US. We have museums commemorating Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and even the Holocaust. For us, there is power in remembrance. It creates a sense of unity throughout our country. The question that the Israelis are now facing is how to better react to terrorism in their country. They often react with killing the terrorist and doing nothing to remind people of what happened. Because terror attacks are so common they just go on about life after one occurs.  This exhibit is the first of its kind in that it commemorates a violent terror attack on the Israeli people. Should they continue to react to terrorism by just accepting that there is no way to react to it other than violence? Or should they take the advice of Ronny Douek and commemorate the violent acts as well?