bn-pt313_cheney_j_20160908172102Teddy Roosevelt once said, “speak softly and carry a big stick.” Roosevelt knew the importance of retaining a strong military and asserting presidential power for the good of the country. Dick Cheney, Vice President under Bush, argues that President Obama has not asserted his power effectively like Roosevelt—rather, he has done quite the opposite in a time where we need an extremely strong military to combat adversaries like ISIS. I thought that Cheney provided a very cogent argument as to how Obama has weakened our military and why we need a strong military leader to reassert American defenses. Fifteen years ago yesterday America experienced the deadliest attack on the US homeland in our history. Mr. Obama’s CIA director told the Senate Intelligence Committee in June that, “Our efforts have not reduced the group’s terrorism capability or global reach.” The Enhanced Interrogation Program produced information that prevented attacks, saved American lives and, we now know, contributed to the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden. Mr. Obama ended the program, publicly revealed its techniques, and then failed to put any effective terrorist-interrogation program in its place.

This article prompted me to put more weight in what our current presidential candidates’ policies are regarding the war on terrorism. Hilary will probably continue in Obama’s footsteps and Trump may produce major yet necessary changes in the military. It is Cheney’s and my opinion that we as America, the protector of nations and defender of the defenseless, cannot stay unprotected and uninvolved as we currently are.

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