The Syrian civil war has been raging on for over five years now, and there is yet to appear a glimmer of hope for an end. If anything, it appears as if the conflict is intensifying in this latest round of peace talks negotiated by the US and Russia. In the days leading up to the supposed cease-fire, fighting escalated and neither side seemed prepared to lay down their weapons. The cease-fire did not even last an hour, with bombings being carried out by the Syrian government and rebels killing four government soldiers.

This news should come as no surprise, as neither side has made any attempt at a true negotiation for peace. Just this weekend, President Assad proclaimed he would not stop the fighting until he had retaken all of Syria once more. Assad appears more entrenched than ever in his position, a worry that the US government and rebels both share. While the US and Russia agree to pursue ISIS in Syria, even they cannot come to an agreement on the actual Syrian split. No side of this conflict has made real offerings for peace, and no end will be in sight until actual concessions are on the table from both sides.

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