Mr. Obama’s efforts in Asia have been commendable. His choosing to focus on the issues instead of symbolic politics is noteworthy. Mr. Obama will certainly be remembered as the President that tried everything he could to shift America’s focus to the Pacific without much coming of it. The article points out the lukewarm language used over the ongoing dispute between the different Asian nations concerning the South China Sea. Perhaps not unusual in political speak during situations without a clear pathway toward settlement, yet it does suggest an unraveling of U.S. vision in the Pacific with the TPP. Mr. Obama’s efforts in meeting with leaders seems more of an effort to shore up his efforts. Floundering as those efforts are. With elections casting doubt on the TPP as well NAFTA and NATO, the future of the U.S. as an international presence is in question. And the leaders of the Asian countries know it.


U.S. Tilt to Asia Will Be Lasting, Obama Says