According to an article in The New York Times, nearly 50 million children worldwide have migrated across borders or been forcibly displaced by conflicts. They explained that such displacement is caused by war, climate change and poverty.

I am an Engineering major and fairly new to the whole diplomacy thing. I am interested in learning and becoming more educated in national and international events. As I am learning, it is easy to thing in term of countries and governments. Each of which has an specific agenda and goals.

However, it is hard to realize that all the decisions that are taken will eventually affect real people, real families,and real children. Politicians and other groups are constantly assigning an arbitrary value to a person’s life, sending soldiers to fight when they know that some of them will die. Terrorist groups murder people in order to get their message across. Often, it is a war of ideals controlled by the people with power and the rest of the people suffers the consequences.

The article gives examples of children in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and other countries with similar situations. I believe that as we embark in a diplomatic adventure we must make a conscious choice about the kind of diplomat that we want to become. We must be passionate about certain topics and fight in order to help the people that we care about.