The status of the family in the world is something that has always been a topic of interest for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints. The effects of lower marriage rates and higher divorce rates have affected the American population greatly, however recently these effects are affecting China as well.

Far less people are getting married in China now than they were before and this is affecting the economic and social life of all who live there. With fewer marriages there are fewer babies which creates a large decline in spending on things such as homes and appliances. This decline in activity creates worry for China; a country that needs economic growth. The majority of the marriage decline can be traced back to the one-child policy. There are fewer females and fewer women in general aged 20-29.

Although many are focused on the potential negative outcomes, the decline in marriage also has many positive outcomes. Women in China are now becoming more educated and becoming a more empowered population. Many Chinese women now hold jobs with a high enough pay that they do not have the necessity of having a male to provide for them. China still faces a very large pay gap, so there are still many changes that can be made to improve gender equality in the country.

This issue in China can bring up many potential questions about the marriage decline facing the majority of the Western world. Is this a positive change? Or do the negative consequences outweigh any positive changes?

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