un-general-assemblyThe Israel/Palestine conflict is one of the most visible and well-known international conflicts of our time. Since 1967, in the UN General Assembly, Israel’s territories in the West Bank, Golan Heights, and Gaza have been referenced as “occupied” more than 2300 times. There are certainly deeply-rooted problems in Israel/Palestine that foreign influence can assist with, as the Oslo accords of the 1990s prove. However, the Israel/Palestine conflict has become so politically massive that, in the UN, it has eclipsed other illegal occupations and human rights violations around the world. While Israel has been mentioned as an “occupier” more than 2300 times, Russia in Georgia and Ukraine, Turkey in Northern Cyprus, Indonesia in East Timor, Morocco in Western Sahara, Vietnam in Cambodia, and Armenia in Azerbaijan have been mention as “occupied” only 16 times combined, despite some of these occupations being more violent or on a larger scale than Israel/Palestine. The UN’s obsession with the Israel/Palestine to the exclusion of all other cases shows aggressive world powers, such as Russia, that occupation and annexation will be permitted as long as it quiet and contained. The UN can be a great force for good in promoting world freedom, peace, and stability by fostering international communication and cooperation, but when it becomes hijacked by political agendas and hyperfocus on certain issues it loses much of its potency. Other occupied areas of the world are in dire need of attention from world powers while the UN repeatedly kicks the stubborn, mostly dead horse of Israel/Palestine.

These ideas and more are addressed in EUGENE KONTOROVICH’s Op/Ed article in the Wall Street Journal, published Sept 13, 2016. Full Article :http://www.wsj.com/articles/at-the-u-n-only-israel-is-an-occupying-power-1473808544