Throughout the past five years Russia and the United States have been separated by the Syrian Conflict. The United States supporting the Rebel groups, and Russia supporting their allies, the Syrian government, or the Loyalists as their known. Not much progress has been made with this conflict, in fact it has only grown worse. People continue to die, but even more threatening was the birth of ISIS (Islamic State In Syria).

The world continued to be divided; with the United States and most of Europe supporting the rebels, and Russia with China supporting Syria, even after this radical group has attacked, and killed civilians all over the globe. Recently however, The United States and Russia agreed on a truce, and a ceasefire in Syria. This will allow many of the supporting countries to enter with humanitarian aid and medical help. That is if the truce holds like it was planned.

What I see as the major benefit of this, however, is the mending of the relationship between these two countries. Russia and the US have not exactly trusted each other over the years. Many US leaders were actually very against the ceasefire in the first place because of this distrust. After over 13 hours of negotiation though, an agreement was met, and put into action. This could be the start of the end on the Syrian conflict. Finally the world super powers that support both sides of the conflict are agreeing on something. Naturally that means those they support, the Rebels and Loyalists, will need to follow. Well at least that’s the hope. The overall goal of this is to come together and fight against the biggest current threat, ISIS. I pray that these leaders will make the correct decisions, and that they will uphold their sides of the agreement. Then just maybe the Syrian conflict will take a step toward resolution.

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