bn-pc865_obama0_j_20160727043403President Obama is not afraid to show his support for the Democratic nominee: Hillary Clinton. Recently at a presidential campaign event for Hillary Clinton, President Obama criticized Donald Trump’s tactics for making the presidential race seem more like a “reality show”.

This upcoming election is known for being highly publicized, due to the presence of a “celebrity” candidate: Donald Trump. In addition to Trump’s publicity , Hillary Clinton has received her share of media attention, as a result of her email controversy. Despite the negative attention Hillary Clinton has garnered, President Obama is adamant on his endorsement. Do Presidential endorsements influence the public that greatly? President Obama has a great influence over the young and minority voters. Is he simply endorsing Clinton because is trying to protect his legacy? His motives may not be clear, but his actions have played a key role in the upcoming election. The President is often seen as the “head of their political party” and his endorsement was strategically made. President Obama’s successor has to be a candidate that can build on his successes. Trump is currently lacking a strong political alliance and endorsement. Can President Obama’s political alliance with Hillary Clinton be enough to win her the race to the White House?

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