Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are already preparing for the upcoming debate. Many assume Hillary will dominate. To be honest, I began to jump on this bandwagon as well up until I started to remember who Donald Trump was and how the GOP Primary debates went. Regardless of the amount of research acquired, practice, or any other preparation, Hillary should receive a heavy dose of what the GOP candidates put up with throughout each debate: anarchy. 


In the 1800s, there were no formal debates. Yet Abraham Lincoln held face-to-face debates with his opponent. In these debates, there was no person to ask questions. They were just one on one. If this were to happen now with our two candidates, the favor would be completely in the hands of Trump. His rhetoric is all over the place and his prose is perplexing. Trump managed to never really get bullied, while in a room with about 15 candidates completely against him. If a statistic were used by an opponent or even type of fact for that matter, he would immediately jump into another idea, expounding on “The Wall” or his wealth. Even if it seemed like he lost the debate, he would then go on camera claiming that he won. If Hillary believes she can be the one to pin down this guy, she’s mistaken. He sets it all up to not allow another victor. Luckily for Hillary, there will be a moderator. This person will set the tone, questions, and the various topics of the debate. However, moderators have attempted to bridle Trump and have failed. Just turn on whatever daily talk show has Trump for that day. They will ask a question, framed in a certain way, and you’ll be lucky to get any relevant answer to the question, let alone posed in the way the host wants it answered. Donald Trump’s answers are off topic, off tone, and off the general question. Hillary is in for a real treat. Many believe debates can change the outcome of an election. Because of this, most candidates prepare well in advance. They prepare to be ready for any question. But for Hillary Clinton, this time around, most of this preparation goes down the drain the minute the cage match begins.

(http://nyti.ms/2c3Q0Be) “Hillary Clinton Piles Up Research in Bid to Needle Donald Trump at First Debate”, By PATRICK HEALY and MATT FLEGENHEIMER, AUGUST 29, 2016.