Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, recently produced a video calling for action from Palestinian leadership. The two minute video released is part of a series entitled “No Jews.” According to the video, Netanyahu claims that Palestinian leaders are demanding a “Jew-free Palestinian state” or in other words an “ethnic cleansing” of Israel settlements in the West Bank.

How has the public reacted to Netanyahu’s video release?

Over the past few days, the prime minister’s video has already accumulated over a million views and a lot of attention from the media. Experts claim that Netanyahu has spoken out against Palestine “as an attempt to distract Israelis from” his declining popularity. According to others, Netanyahu has been making such statements for years through media and through his books. According to David Keyes, Netanyahu’s foreign media adviser, posting the video on Facebook the prime minister used the quickest method to increase his reach to “spread the truth.”

Israelis were shocked at the time of the release of this video because Israel and the United States are working on a new aid package. However, when interviewed about this, Keyes responded to the Israelis’ concerns by stating, “Is there a bad time to criticize ethnic cleansing?”

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