Refugee population has increased recently despite the new deal between Turkey and the European Union. Right after the deal, the number of refugees fleeing to Greece died down considerably immediately after the deal. No one knows why the number of refugees fleeing from Turkey has increased in the last few weeks. Some assume that refugees are re-gaining hope because many of the refugees fleeing to Greece are not being sent back. This article interviewed many refugees in Turkey, assessing their plans, and analyzing their decisions, but they did not interview the refugees who fled to Greece. It seems that neither side of the deal are being fully kept by Turkey and the EU. Regardless of their decisions, refugees are in crisis, and are willing to risk anything to find homes and safety preferably near family. Refugees will continue to do everything in their power to get to their desired destination until physically stopped. The article failed to mention that because of the coup, Turkey is becoming more and more dangerous, and a less desirably place for refugees to stay. Living conditions in refugee camps are horrid in Greece as well, therefore refugees will continue fleeing to other countries in Europe to get to the safest place possible. The solution to this problem lies in creating safe places for refugees and evenly distributing them throughout the world. It is going to be costly, but so is sending them back to Turkey multiple times before they make it out of Greece.