They Syrian Crisis rages on, and United States’ Secretary of State, John Kerry, has come to the conclusion that in order to have some stability in Syria, the United States needs some kind of agreement with Russia. However, Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter, doesn’t hold onto the same view. Kerry seems to have had more success with his views as the US and Russia have decided on a 7 day ceasefire. However, the Pentagon hasn’t agreed to then continue to work with the Russians by sharing plans and information about the terrorist organization ISIS. According to the article, this has created some distance between Kerry and Carter, and it has shown the failings and confusion in Obama’s reactions to the Syrian Crisis. It continues to be unclear whether Russia and the United States will be able to work together in order to stop the atrocities happening.

There seems to be still a lack of trust towards Russia from the United States. I don’t know if the country has been able to completely recover from feelings left over after the Cold War. The article mentions that this position has put these two countries at the most aggressive since the aforementioned war. In addition to this, President Putin continues to move away from freedoms that have been held by Russians making a more repressive and controlled state. He hasn’t yet received much international resistance. For example, President Obama hasn’t strongly reacted to acts of Russian agression, such as the events that continue in Ukraine. How will President Obama and the American people continue to relate to this important and vast country? It will be hard given the past and present US and Russian relations to have any work together, but it will be necessary to combine the world’s resources in order to stop ISIS. Although it is smart to be cautious, Kerry might be right to see that this situation involved some trust on the US’ side to stop a greater threat. Only time will show whether Putin is a person with whom the US can have present and future relations.

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