Russia and the United States were able to negotiate a cease-fire in Syria. The area has been unstable since 2011, when due to draught, farmers moved into larger cities, and not receiving fair treatment by the government, began an uprising. This has exploded into a raging conflict in which “some… half-million people have died since the conflict began…” cease-fire

A cease fire was declared at 7p.m., and a calm was reported, although there were a few reported instances of rebellion. The cease-fire, negotiated between the United States and Russia, is being respected by all parties involved due to the terms set; “Under the cease-fire deal, during an initial period, all attacks are to stop except Syrian government attacks on… Jihadist groups.” It appears as if the eradication of violence in Syria is taking a bad, worse, worst approach. World powers will first work on eradicating terror groups in the area by clearing up fighting for a bit to give them room to work.

The cease-fire is beginning near to the El aid-Adha Muslim holiday. This could be the beginning of a calmer Syrian war as the different parties involved choose to unite on at least one aspect of the conflict.


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