wsjToday was the second day of the Syrian cease-fire. Russia and United States met an agreement for a week-long truce, and despite a bumpy start on Monday, the cease-fire has still held throughout the second day.

The deal between Russia and the US plans to reduce conflict for the week. The evidence of the truce has shown specifically in the city of Aleppo, which has become the center of the war in the last few months. After this week, the hopes are that both governments will move forward to implement military cooperation and political negotiations.

While Russia and the US are currently in truce, the terrorist groups in Syria have not been included in the agreement. Although the US backs many moderate rebel groups, if they become involved at all with terrorists groups, the rebel groups become subject to attack from both Russia and the US.

With this new development in the Syrian civil war, the hope for upcoming peace has never been so bright. If Russia and the US can both keep their agreement to the end of the cease-fire, the following interactions and communications between them may turn ever more peaceful.


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