The recent vigilante violence that has sparked in the Philippines could in fact spiral the country into ruin. Though he is not the only person on which to place blame, President Rodrigo Duterte is part of the problem. By promising to kill large numbers of criminals but failing to improve governmental agencies such as the judicial system or police force, it could be said that Duterte has forced the hands of those who have decided to take matters upon themselves. But where will it stop?

It would be one thing if these vigilante killings were taking out the true villains, but unfortunately the majority of those killed are innocent, with none having been proved guilty in a court of law. Those who have studied other forms of vigilante killings in other countries, such as Columbia or Mexico, have found that these killings only lead to a greater public demand for violence. It is only a matter of time before revenge and contract killings are filling the streets of the country.

Perhaps Mr. Duterte should have checked himself before promising to kill all the criminals without a real plan of action in place. The man now leading the Philippines seems to be rather hotheaded, first with the promise of ridding the country of criminals, and then when he, just last week, called President Obama the “son of a whore”. The insult was in response to President Obama stating he was going to question Duterte about these very killings. If the people of the Philippines are wondering where it all went wrong, they may not have to look farther than their own president.

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