North Korea has recently been testing new nuclear weapons despite previous sanctions against this action.  The United States and South Korea have come together to impose more sanctions on North Korea to prevent more nuclear weapons from being formed.  Additionally, a new base has been planned for South Korea to provide more protection against North Korea.  China opposes both of these actions as China is still North Korea’s leading trading partner.  The United States and South Korea have also put sanctions on North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, for human rights abuses.  Because of these sanctions North Korea has declared war on the United States.

Experts say that North Korea has the capacity to produce one bomb’s worth of plutonium a year and six bomb’s worth of uranium a year.

It seems that all of the countries involved in this conflict are moving too quickly and moving too much out of fear.  It is true that we need to be cautious, especially when there is as big of a threat as a nuclear weapon, but it seems that a little more diplomacy could have helped.  All these threats being thrown around could start a real war.  We are also alienating one of our most important trade partners, China, who said that they would not help enforce sanctions against North Korea.

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U.S. and South Korea to Seek Strong Punishment Over North’s Nuclear Test