Unfortunately, Australia is a country that is easily forgotten about when it comes to international affairs. It seems that Australia mostly keeps to itself and no one really ever hears much about Australia other than it being near the top of everyone’s list of places they want to travel to but not many people get there.

Recently, a newly elected member of the Senate in Australia has made some controversial comments regarding Muslims. Pauline Hanson made comments about Muslims that seem to mirror some of the comments made by Donald Trump regarding Mexicans. She warned the people of Australia that they may be “swamped by Muslims” and that they are “prominent in organized crime, with associated violence and drug dealing.” Another comment that she made seems to echo what Trump suggests America do. She would like to stop the immigration of Muslims as well as ban the burqa.


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Many other lawmakers in Australia seem to oppose Ms. Hanson’s personal opinion while respecting her status as a Senator. Personally, I think it is important for all elected officials to remember that they represent their constituents and not only themselves. Indonesia, the most densely Muslim populated country in the world, is geographically close to Australia but I would like to know more about the immigration history between the two nations and look into some of the “facts” that Ms. Hanson stated.


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