Colombia’s leaders seek peace through forgiveness in the midst of civil war.

The nation of Colombia has been ravaged in civil war throughout the last 52 years of its existence as a nation. This conflict, fought between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) has been nothing but a detriment to a struggling country, and it seems as if an end might be in sight.

President Juan Manuel Santos has proposed a plan in which the the FARC guerrillas would lay down their arms under UN observation, and in return President Santos would lay out a path to amnesty for all low level fighters involved. This civil war has caused nearly 220,000 deaths, and caused five million Colombians to flee the country in fear for the safety of themselves and their families. Enormous amounts of atrocity and violence have occurred throughout this war, and President Santos and many others are searching for a way out.

The entire amnesty deal relies on a vote of the Colombian people to support a path back to peace for the FARC fighters. President Santos is relying on the forgiveness of the Colombian people to end this war. It is an interesting approach to peace, asking a country that has been so severely wronged to give the people who wronged them a chance in order to end a 52 year long war. Is this the right move to make in order to gain peace? Or is it too weak or improbable a maneuver to have any long lasting effect?

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