In recent weeks, concern for the Zika virus has been growing in the U.S. as more and more Americans who have traveled to areas affected by the virus are returning home and becoming concerned with the health risks.  Surprisingly, it’s a lot harder to get a Zika test than one may think.


More and more people are wanting to get tested for the Zika virus, but due to the C.D.C.’s strict guidelines, not all are eligible to be tested.  This is because the C.D.C. is trying to avoid an overwhelming amount of people requesting to be tested and then making it too difficult for health officials to distinguish between and work on cases that may actually be dangerous.

Although all of these points make sense, I was surprised to read about how difficult it has been for some people to obtain a Zika test.  Having an abundance of medical knowledge and resources, one might think that the United States would have a much easier time administering tests and quickly analyzing those results.  If it’s already becoming difficult for people to gain access to testing, there is growing fear in the speculation that people may have the virus and not be able to get tested.

After hearing about the problems that have risen in other countries from this virus, it’s scary to think about some of those same things occurring here in the U.S.  Living in America, I think it becomes very easy to get caught up in the mindset that we’re safe from the dangers that affect the rest of the world.  As the fears of the Zika virus are slowly becoming a reality for those in the United States (although definitely not as serious as what has been happening in other countries), it’s important to stay up-to-date on medical advancements and current news in order to slow the effects before they grow out of control.

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