This weekend’s news consisted of a disappointing Seahawks loss, a few clutch Mariners wins, and the confession of Donald Trump that Barrack Obama is, in fact, an American citizen. Those things are minuscule when brought in to the same news cast as the ongoing refugee crisis. In a current crisis that is starting to remind us of the aftermath of WWII, refugees are still without. And the worst part, the UN has come to an apparent conclusion of sorts that they will do something in 2018 about the refugees. This is incredulous. That is still a year and a half away, and these humans are homeless, stateless, even nationless.

The problems aren’t the refugees themselves, but the actions that are expelling them from their own country. We can’t blame these people for their choice to leave such a miserable place. Part of the delay is the current and upcoming elections in the U.S., Germany, and France. Specifically mentioned, the U.S.’s decision in the future is based on which candidate is elected for President. Donald Trump boasting an anti-immigration policy, and Hillary Clinton suggesting an allowance of refugees. Barrack Obama is holding another Summit Tuesday to try and improve efforts to help the refugees.


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