Russia and the United States had called for a ceasefire early last week.The United Nations officials sent a convoy of 31 trucks with clothing, food, and medicine. This was done in an effort to deliver humanitarian aid to Aleppo, Syria, an region full of refugees living in a rebel-held area, all in excruciating poverty. However, in the air-strike a total of twelve people were killed, 18 of the aid trucks were obliterated, and much of a warehouse was destroyed.  And as of Tuesday the humanitarian aid for Syria has been suspended by the United Nations.

Both Russia and the United States have released statements placing blame on the other. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said, “Just when we think it cannot get any worse, the bar of depravity sinks lower. The humanitarians delivering lifesaving aid were heroes, those who bombed them were cowards.”

Perhaps the most heartbreaking part of this is the innocent caught in-between the crossfire. Up to 78,000 refugees were in need of aid, and are still in critical condition due to the inhumane acts of those seeking to make the world an uglier place.

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