The United States has been attacked again by lone wolves that pledged their allegiance to the Islamic State. New York, which has experienced numerous terrorist attacks, stood firm and unwavering. Life continued as normal for the city that never sleeps. Unfortunately, these attacks have sparked more hysteria and fear among the rest of the country. These fears are then inflamed by the Trump campaign for their own political gain. Erick Trump posted a tweet that compared Syrian refugees to a bowl of skittles wherein a few were poisoned. He asked if one would eat from a bowl of skittles if they knew that a few of them could kill you. The comparison was so outlandish that the company that owns Skittles publicly responded to his tweet. The Mars Company tweeted that refugees are not candy, they are human beings. Many of these refugees just want to leave their war torn country. The hardships that they go through is unimaginable to us; yet instead of wanting to help them, some would rather compare them to poisoned candy.

It is disheartening to see the place where our politics is at this moment. Erick and Donald Trump have seen humans as political objects that can be used to garner votes. Whether they slander undocumented immigrants or refugees, they do so to incite fear and division. This is not who we are as a country. These are not our values. Let us not give into fear, or else we lose what makes us American.

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