Politicians in Washington are weighing their options against the consistent attacks by ISIS in Syria. The latests in the fight is potentially arming Syrian Kurdish forces to combat the Islamic State themselves. However, this poses a number of potential repercussions. Not the least of which is last time that the U.S. armed certain groups, they happened to use their weapons and military tactics against the U.S. in later years. The fellow in question would be Osama bin Laden.


“We have to play a leadership role on both sides” — Turks and Kurds — “and keep focus on the mission to defeat ISIS,” said General Votel, the Commander of the U.S. Army Central Command. In the past the U.S. has supplied similar groups with small arms, but now the time has come to question the effectiveness of this tactic in the grand scheme of things.


General Joseph F. Dunford Jr., a U.S. Marine Core General, said “our job is to actually help the Iraqis generate the forces and the support necessary for operations in Mosul, and we’ll be ready for that in October.” It is essential to the U.S. efforts in the middle east to create militaries and governments that can sustain themselves and not fraction off in to various cells and factions that will ultimates cause the others harm. Local involvement and command of the problem is key to success in the region.


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