This past week, Russia’s national elections took place, an election that was originally scheduled for the December, but was moved up to the busiest part of the year for most voters. The big shocker: Putin won. United Russia now holds even more Parliament seats than before, jumping from 238 to 343, while all other parties shrunk. Voters in the larger cities, where opposition to Putin is more concentrated, didn’t show up in quite the same force as voters in rural areas, where support for the president is based on a more traditional sense.

The good news? It seems as the the Kremlin kept their word and ran a clean race. While four districts were nullified because poll workers were caught cramming ballot boxes, analysts found that the fraud was committed by the local government, not the national.

Not much change will be seen after this election, as Parliament already does whatever Putin asks. Putin was quoted to have said in the cabinet meeting “At a time of difficulties. . . and risks, people certainly choose stability and trust the country’s leading political force and government”. Only 46% of Russian voters came to the polls, Putin, maybe the other 56% would’ve put their trust in someone else.

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