Germany continues to be rocked by the immigration crisis that overtook Europe beginning last year. The latest development affected Chancellor Merkel’s party with it finishing in third in her home state, as well as the Christian Democratic Union stronghold, of Mecklenburg-Verpommern. This development casts uncertainty for the centrist parties as the rise of far-right wing groups seems to be building. The rise in popularity of far-right wing parties in Europe seems to be in response to the immigration crisis.

Chancellor Merkel is trying to calm worried German voters over the recent loss of her party in her home state. The article points out that Merkel apologized for the government’s handling of immigrants. Merkel did not apologize for letting immigrants into the country but only in the government’s troubles of creating the right integration policies. Merkel has a hard path ahead of her. With the rise of far-right wing groups across Europe, there is the potential for a serious shift in Europe’s ongoing response to the immigration crisis. It is certainly true that Europe’s handling of immigrants has been deeply problematic with few viable solutions in place for the long-term solution of this crisis.


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