In his last visit to the United Nations General Assembly, President Obama gave his last remarks as he remains a few more months as President of this great nation. During his remarks he argued against the notion of “building walls” and talked about the fact that we cannot afford to build walls because this could cause isolationism and also as the world becomes more interconnected, we cannot isolate ourselves from cooperating and integrating ourselves with other nations.

President Obama stated that ““A nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself,” This is a key part of the election this year in which two candidates have a different vision for the country. However, President Obama argued that we need to look forward to cooperation and integration as part of this “international order”.

Also he was able to track down his foreign policy from the day he gave his first address as a newly statesman. As the author pointed out, “Mr. Obama was reticent even about his diplomatic achievements.” This could be so because some foreign policy decision have been somewhat controversial. However, I personally feel, despite the fact that I do not agree fully with everything he has done, I must confess that President Obama’s desire to use diplomacy instead og war to fix problems it is an important fact of this Presidency. However, history will determine the results of his foreign policy in time.