palestinian-child-throwing-stones-at-israeli-tankThe Israeli government is being criticized by both Israeli and Palestinian rights organizations for not seriously investigating war crimes and military misconduct during the  2014 war with Gaza where 2,200 Palestinians were killed over half being citizens. Israeli militants are being accused of killing civilians and causing significant damage to hospitals and schools. The investigations they have sluggishly looked into have been dismissed with no charges.
The International Criminal Court needs to get involved with the investigations. Israel’s history with war crimes against Palestinians should by default ensure that they are not allowed to investigate their own war crimes. Their current policy of targeting homes without any evidence of harboring militants or artillery is an example of Israel’s disregard for Palestinian civilian lives and the need for the UN and international criminal court to get involved. The conflict in Israel will not change until others stand up for the inhumane war crimes Israel has been committing and the world has been dismissing for years.