It is difficult to talk about any terrorist attack. Such tragedies inevitably remind you of the senseless deaths in the name of unspeakable evil. The blatant disregard for human life for the promotion of radical ideologies are foreign to many people throughout the world. In grief, communities grieve over the loss of family members and friends lost to these terrorist attacks. And the world promises to never forget.

The terrorist group Boko Haram (“Western Education is Forbidden”) continues to operate in the northern regions of Nigeria. It operates with such frequency and violence that thousands are dead now and 2.6 million people are refugees within their own nation.

“The seven-year-old conflict has produced nonstop new and horrible chapters. Burned villages. Beheadings. Rapes of women and young girls. Military corruption and killings of innocents. Child suicide bombers.” – Dionne Searcey

The situation should be alarming and frightening. It should be discussed regularly with activists calling for intervention, humanitarian aid, and even more resources to end the ongoing war in the area. But this is not the case. Nigeria is not Syria. It does not have thousands upon thousands of its people trying to get into Europe. It does not have the benefit of the United States and Russia haggling over cease-fire and peace agreements. It has Bono trying to remind the world’s nations to donate more money to help ease the suffering of Nigeria’s refugees and activists within the country trying to push their own government to do more.

Perhaps the world will once again pay attention to the horrible destruction going on in this oil rich nation. But until then, the fighting continues and the death toll rises.


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