Streets of Aleppo, Syria

In yet another series of action-reaction dynamics, Russia and the U.S. are still trying to calm down in Syria. A story that has been developing over the past week, Russia as part of the Syrian regime, is now being blamed for bombings Aleppo in the past few days.

Use of incendiary bombs have raised questions of the ethical actions of the Syrian Regime. Detonating these weapons in such a populated area could result in further counts of war crime being charged.

Over the last few days, hundreds have been killed by the bombings in Aleppo. Not only lives have been destroyed, but potential agreements. Although efforts to end the war in Syria had been somewhat effective in restoring pockets of peace, these new conflicts may have boosted the war and extended a potential restoration of partial peace in Syria. The big players (Russia and the U.S.) are currently working on coming to an agreement.

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